MTG | Scorched Swamp

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This was a project in which I had to design a scorched swamp. The brief was as follows:
Colour: Dual Red and Black

Location: Swamp (Land card)

Description: A swamp with sickly looking oily pools, that gives off noxious vapours is punctuated by sparse trees, charred and burned stumps glow with hot embers. Patches of wet grass and mud form clumps amidst the water.

Focus: The glow of the embers reflecting on the oily surface of the swamp.

Mood: Damp and oppressive heat

I think I did manage to meet the requirements of the brief and I'm pretty happy with this, especially as I still lack confidence in environment design. Creating this card makes me want to try more so I may set some personal projects!
Hope you like it

February 10, 2021